When Worlds Collide……..



I have always been the type of person that pre-plays conversations and interactions many times before deciding how I will approach something and/or someone. I am always attempting to think about how others will be affected by my words or deeds. Sadly, in my many years, I have found that those I interact with seldom show me the same courtesy. While I can be quite boisterous when upset, I am really a mild, introvert who does not relish in confrontation.

This causes additional “moments of conflict” when I am considering posting to social media. Since many family and friends frequent my postings, I am constantly staring at posts with my finger hoovering over the POST button trying to decide if I could possible know anyone that would be offended by what I am about to put out into the atmosphere.

The problem with that is that I am not living my truth, nor am I using my testimony to help others. If I hold everything in that could serve as an embarrassment to myself or others who have been in my life, who does that help. How does that let anyone know that they can overcome. I find myself trying to show support and frequently have people say, “But you just can’t understand unless you’ve been there,” and I want to say, “I HAVE been there, and this is how God brought me over it.” But, rightfully, that type of admission would bring further questioning and I would have to decide how much I can share.

So, I’m hoping that since this post will appear on ALL my social media platforms, that my family and friends will take a moment to read it. I want you all to understand that I am in no way attempting to “color” in your coloring book, but I need to be able to express myself and tell about my life experiences and God caused you and I intersect. Since I don’t use names (or relationships) in my blog posts (unless unavoidable or in instances of bragging), you shouldn’t be concerned. I will continue to make things as vague as possible.

Until later,