Hello, my name is Stephanie and this is my personal blog. It doesn’t really matter to me how you came upon this page, I thank God that He directed you this way. I guess, since you might not know me, or might think you do, but don’t, an introduction is in order.

First we’ll start with a visual…..


This is the more frequent “ME” that I present to the world through social media. This is a well thought out presentation of an image that is meant to convey a sense of contentment with the world around me. It’s an image that is designed to mask physical, mental, emotional and spiritual pain. It’s an image that has been carefully crafted over the past 7 years to give the impression that “I’m Okay”, but I’m not.

This is the “REAL” me………..

Stephanie May 22<——photo taken today, Sunday, May 22, 2016

This is the me that is in some degree of pain 24/7. This is the me that can’t sit upright for more than a couple of hours before my hip locks up and I am forced to lay down for hours to recuperate. This is the me that can’t make it from my bedroom to the bathroom without my walker (or anywhere else). This is the me that finds it virtually impossible to sleep at night, but can’t stay woke during the day. This is the me who feels like she waited so long to live a life just for her, and now it’s too late because her body won’t allow it. This is the me who can honestly say that I haven’t been out of my house for almost a month. This is the me that has been closed off from family, friends, passions and interests by a set of illnesses that are working together to destroy my quality of life. This is the me that is fed up with life as it is, but clueless as to how to get where I want to be.

But, this is also the “REAL” me…………..


A “slightly touched in the head” computer nerd with a sense of humor to the left of sanity, who loves to read, watch (and film) YouTube videos and sing along to old musicals. Someone who enjoys meeting people on social media and actually taking the time to get to know them, not just count them as numbers in my “field of influence”. I like trying out new products and telling anyone that will listen or read what I think about them, good or bad (and I like finding ways to get those products for free or pretty darn close to it).

I’m a girly girl, who didn’t realize it until I turned 45, decided to stop relaxing my hair and purchased my first eyeshadow palette. I’m not the best at makeup application, but I love trying. Oh, time for a shameless plug, I have a lifestyle blog (and YouTube channel) that I would love for you to visit, subscribe to and converse with me on (just click the links). I also have a book club called The BookNutz where I would love to discuss my love of reading (hey, if nothing else, I can tell you how to amass a Kindle library of more than 100,000 titles for free…or pretty darn close).

I’ve had a lifelong love for music with an eclectic array of musical likes that sometimes has my family looking at me strangely (like the week or two or four that I was blasting Stromae on Spotify). I started playing violin in elementary school, dropped it by high school, and am now picking it up again with minimally maintained skills (so basically, I’m starting from just shy of the beginners). But hey, I’ve got this awesomely beautiful PURPLE violin to relearn my skills on, so I’m good. I also plan to finish what my big brother started and learned to read music (y’all, he tried both to teach me to read music and to play the piano, but I was a little bratty and had absolutely no difficulty working his last nerve until he gave up, lol).

Well, I guess that’s enough for now, I mean I wouldn’t want to overload you with so much information that you don’t come back. I’ll spare you today the talk of my seven beautiful children and the 18 grandchildren they have blessed me with for a later date. Or of my obsession with all things bookkeeping, accounting and income tax.

So, until later (I’ll try to post more frequently, I promise), I bid you God’s speed and all the joys of life.

~ Stephanie