Crippling Fear…………………………….

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My name is Stephanie Carter and I give in to fear on a regular basis. Not that I want to, but I lack the ability to push myself forward when it comes to certain things.

The biggest fear that I am dealing with right now relate to my YouTube channels. I have three channels, a lifestyle channel that I started in 2014, a personal channel that I’ve been sporadically uploading to since 2010 and a “BookTube” channel that hasn’t gone past the creation stage.

I have TONS of ideas for these channels written down. Even with the restructuring of the lifestyle channel from a strictly beauty related channel to something more attune with who I really am. But I’m scared to get in front of the camera.

This is most ridiculous to me, because in 2014, I conquered the fear of making my first video, but just doing it. Then my psoriasis decided to invade my face and I immediately stopped making videos. I’ve been trying to get the courage back up to get going since the beginning of 2016, but every time I get ready to set it up and get to recording, I get terrified and talk myself out of it.

Why am I telling you this (if anyone is reading it)? Accountability. I feel that if I put this out into the universe, it will break whatever hold is on me. I have a ton of packages piled up in the corner of my room, that are specifically designated for a Mailbox Monday video on my channel. These are things I’m suppose to be reviewing or that I purchased because I needed them and I have not opened them because I want to film this video.

THIS VIDEO WILL GET MADE THIS WEEK………or anyone that reads this post is allowed to bug the heck out of me until it is posted on my YT channel.

Thank you for your time. I will now go prepare to make this video. I CAN DO THIS!!!!